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1st Generation Family Run Farm

Although our roots run deep in Agriculture back to the 1600s, farms and knowledge were lost for a generation or two, we are rediscovering how to work the land. We are an ambitious and hard working family trying to do our part to support our community and the environment.  We want to create a farm that brings people to their food for a hands on experience.


We bought our first farm in Maine in 2018, it had been known most recently as the Alpaca farm, but it traditionally had cows horses and a large orchard.  Many locals remember the large apple press in the big old barn and picking apples out in the orchard.  Our goal is was to open this farm back up so these same locals can bring their grandchildren here.  Out of the over 200 apple trees that once graced this property there were 47 remaining most in need of serious attention, and of the nearly 40 acres of fields there was about 18 left. We started the task of restoring the orchard, cleared out about 10 acres of overgrown poplar and started the orchard a new. we had 28 more trees in the nursery, 12 pigs, 240 chickens and 4 goats when we sold this farm to locate closer to Kingfield and to our busy market we had built it was really soul crushing and it took us 4 months to find a new farm, with several slipping through our fingers. In October of 2022 we closed on a new farm, but it was completely unlivable. So we set to work restoring our 1800's farm house and adding fences to what remained of pasture.  We raised about 16 pigs that year and had one litter that was born at the Maine Beer Shed in town but moved to the farm. In August 2023 my mother was diagnosed with Glioblastoma brain cancer, there was no hard decisions there. We started the process of selling all our assets to move closer to her. We landed in a beautiful farming community between both my (Kate's) parents homes in a wonderful place we didn't even know existed before August, Little Compton RI.

We are currently farm-less but as we sell off the property in Maine we are looking to continue our work down here of gathering community around local food systems.

Why Berkshire Pork

The best pork eating experience.

Berkshire pigs provide true 'heritage' pork. They were prized for their eating quality over 300 years ago in England. They have the oldest recorded purebred swine pedigree history in the USA, starting in 1875.

We chose Berkshire both for the incredible flavor and meat quality AND their ridiculously fun personalities. Come by and meet our original Berkshire 'Kitty' and her sister we are picking up this April (piglets due in MAY!).

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